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was pursuing the vehicle. police tell us he was not wearing a seatbelt. chris gordon will have more in a live report in the next half hour. >>> we have just learned that the man accused of making threats to shoot people at his former workplace is out of the hospital. neil prescott underwent a mental evaluation after a co-worker at pitney bowes in capitol heights told police about the threats earlier this month. he was in the process of being fired. prescott has been ordered to stay away from the former office. he will be back in court august 30th. police found a stockpile of guns and ammo at his home in crofton. those weapons are being held by the atf. >>> police have confiscated some suspicious items from the rooftop of a building located about a mile from the site of the republican national convention next week. those items include bricks and pipes. the tampa police chief says she thinks protesters planned to use those items during demonstrations. she said the discovery was, in her words, disconcerting, but not surprising. the police say they've been preparing for that convention for two ye
a woman to fall on to several other riders. it happened at the l'enfant plaza this morning. chris gordon has more. chris? >> reporter: good evening. at this hour the escalator which is underground with the accident occurred during morning rush remains out of service. pending an investigation and a safety inspection. investigators are focusing on this metal strip. how and when it separated from the base of a metro escalator may determine the cause of today's accident. ambulances took three injured people to the hospital, two others were treated on the scene. the escalator accident happened just before 8:30 a.m. metro says passengers bag or garment was caught in the side of the escalator which caused her and others to lose their balance and fall. you can see a section of metal that was parentally pulled from the base of the escalator. this woman was riding an escalator as the accident happened. she told us about it. >> i was heading upstairs on the kaes latorment i heard a very loud screeching noise. it seems to come from one of the escalators going downward. once i got to the top, i notic
who is injured. that's the latest from prince george's county hospital. chris gordon, news 4. back to you. we want to let everyone know that 95 southbound at this hour is still shut down to traffic as we head into the rush hour. we'll keep you up to date on this tragic day in prince george's county. >>> a close call for passengers on a ride-on bus today. folks inside this house in montgomery county. this bus crashed into the home in silver spring. police tell us the bus was turning on to avenel road before 11:00. it lost control and slammed into the home in the 9400 block. two people were at home at the time but no one was injured. several passengers were also on the bus but they were not seriously hurt. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >>> more than 100,000 students are home or on their way home from the first day of school in prince george's county. a few changes that parents need to know >> it's the first day of school in prince george's county. it's also the grand opening for green belt middle school and this eighth grader approves of the new $53.6 million b
danger. chris gordon with more now on this near miss over at national. >> reporter: it happened here at reagan national airport in the sky high above and beyond rosalind, virginia. three commuter planes with 192 passengers onboard flew too close for comfort. today at reagan national airport, passengers were aware of tuesday's mishap but didn't seem too concerned. >> they didn't collide. it's not a big deal. >> i flew in from u.s. airways from the logan airport in boston so i heard about the near miss and that was scary. >> they were never on a collision course to hit head-on according to transportation secretary ray lahood. tuesday afternoon, traffic controllers had to redirect planes because of bad weather south of the airport. one u.s. airways commuter flight approaching from rosalind came close to a flight path of two commuter flights taken off heading toward rosalind. >> there was a loss of separation. it shouldn't have happened, but because of a well-trained controller at dca tower who immediately recognized the situation and worked to fix it. >> reporter: kevin hyatt was a comm
. chris gordon, news 4. >> a ride-on bus made an unexpected stop turning on to avanel road here when it somehow lost control and ended up inside this house. amazingly, no one in the house or on the bus was seriously hurt. pat collins is live at the scene. he spoke with the people who were there when the bus came plowing in this morning. pat. >> reporter: jim, imagine you're standing in front of your house, along comes a runaway bus. there you are helpless as that bus into your home. >> i say is this guy not going to stop? i went -- right in front of me, boom. >> all of a sudden without warning, a big out of control montgomery county ri-on bus goes barreling into the home on avanel road with such force, with such force a that's left in the living room, a lamp and a tv. >> now when this happened, this man was in this toyota car here. he saw the bus cut right in front of him, over the lawn, into the driveway, into his cab and then into his house. >> you saw the whole thing? >> i saw it. >> very scary. >> i'm lucky. >> everyone. >> i'm very, very lucky. >> two of his sons were inside the
was killed monday when his cruiser crashed along i-95. kr chris gordon joins us prooif from police headquarters where today we learned more about the suspect, the charges and the event leading up to the crash. >> reporter: police here tell me that the two suspects in the fatal crash, one who is in custody and one who tonight remains at large both have violent pasts and prior criminal records. police investigating monday's fatal crash arrested kenneth clark mitchell jr. of clay terrace in northeast washington charging him with felony auto theft. police at that issued this wanted poster for the second suspect, offering a cash reward of up to $25,000 for kevon darnell neal of maryland. >> that figure is typically reserved for homicide suspects but the chief of police felt with the death of officer morris, was warranted in this case. >> investigators released the timeline of events leading up to the crash that killed 23-year-old police officer adrian morris and injured 24-year-old officer michael richer. it starts sunday night at this exxon station in beltsville. the suspects stole a 2
officer. chris gordon is live from police headquarters in palmer park. chris? >> reporter: good evening. this new information was shared with us within the last half hour here at prince george's county police headquarters. one suspect is under arrest, and in custody. another suspect is being sought this evening. now, prince george's county police are not saying which one may have been the driver of the silver acura, allegedly involved in the police chase yesterday along i-95 that resulted in the death of a police officer. and that is important, because whoever drove could be charged with a very serious offense. vehicular homicide. prince george's county police say they are questioning a person of interest in yesterday's fatal crash. >> this morning, the prince george's county police department and the metropolitan police department found the acura that was involved in yesterday's fatal crash involving police officer morris. this point, one of the occupants of the acura is under arrest. at this point, we can't say what the charges are against that occupant. we'll keep you informed as we
arrested. chris gordon is at the police headquarters in palmer park, maryland, with details of the charges and the events leading up to the crash. chris. >> reporter: tonight police have one suspect in custody, the other remains at large, and police are asking for your help tracking him down. now, both of these suspects have been charged with felony auto theft. the conviction carries a penalty of 15 years, but they could face additional charges as well. investigators today revealed the timeline of events leading up to monday's fatal crash on i-95 that killed 23-year-old prince george's county police officer adrian morris and injured 24-year-old officer michael risher. it starts sunday night at this exxon gas station in beltsville. the suspects stole a 2005 gray acura tl which a customer left running while she went into the convenience store. mon afternoon the acura was spotted and the suspects were photographed by a surveillance camera at this shell station in laurel. police say the suspects attempted to steal from vehicles here. the manager alerted police. investigators say the suspects'
. >> this happened at 8:30 this morning. chris gordon reports on what happened. >> reporter: ambulances took three injured people to the hospital. two others were treated on the scene. the escalator accident happened just before 8:30 a.m. metro says a passenger's bag or garment was caught in the side of the escalator which caused her and others to lose their balance and fall. you can see a section of metal ten feet or so in length that was apatiently pulled from the base of the escalator. she was riding a parallel escalator as the accident happened. she took pictures with her cell phone and later told us about it. >> i was heading up stairs on the escalator. i heard a very loud screeching noise seeming to come from one of the escalators going downward. i noticed a few people were screaming. there were a lot of people running upward and running downward on that particular escalator. it came to an abrupt halt. there was a lady. she had fallen at the bottom. she appeared to be injured. i believe her leg was cut. there was bleeding. and it took a couple minutes before metro employee arrived at the sce
worse instead of better. chris gordon joins us with more. >> reporter: good evening. prince george's county wants emergency calls to be answered or picked up within one minute or left. we're live from the riverdale heights volunteer department, because according to county records, it missed nearly one third of the emergency calls made here. the riverdale heights station is staffed by career firefighters were reassigned by a prior administration. at capitol heights station, four professional firefighters are on duty during the day, but volunteers staff nights and weekends. prince george's officials are reviewing a county stat report that evil ways whether answers to calls within one minute, if not it was recorded as a missed call. it failed to respond to 31% of the emergency calls. capitol heights 30% of the time. bluffed heights station 22%. in all six stations failed to respond to emergency calls at what is considered an alarming rate. barry stanton is the county's deputy chief administrative officer. >> it's obvious we have to look at a couple issues, do we want to increase staff
'm wendy rieger. social media has been buzzing after chik-fil-a's ceo made controversial remarks. chris gordon joins us with more on chik-fil-a appreciation day. >> this is the latest salvo in the battle over same-sex marriage. chik-fil-a finds itself at the center of a highly publicized, political debate. >> louden county supervisor gene delgado telling residents he would be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at this chik-fil-a. >> i have asked people in sterling to turn out and support our chik-fil-a in response in response to the outcry against the head of chik-fil-a, who has embraced traditional marriage. >> reporter: the lunchtime crowd was bigger than usual. not all the customers became because it is appreciation day, but many did. >> i'm to show support for the owner and president of chik-fil-a, and his right to speak against what he deems is rig right. >> it's not about discrimination. it's just saying that they support families we are very much supportive of the biblical definition of the family unit. the company then issued this statement. the tradition is to treat every perso
-fil-as across the country, organized by supporters of same-sex marriage. in sterling, virginia, chris gordon news4. >>> right now same-sex marriage is legal in six states and the district. voters will decide on a referendum in november. >>> the transportation security administration's new deputy administrator is promising to fire screeners who violate policy. john he lynn can i testified today on a subcommittee, it was in response to recent incidents of misconduct, including tsa screeners sleeping on the job and accepting bribes from drug smugglers. >> i'm going to sit here and tell you i'm not going to tolerate misbehavior or criminal conduct. we will take propose action, i give i my word. >> he emphasized that fewer than 8% of travelers who contact tsa actually register complaints. >>> doug's here with a look at our weather forecast. not too bad. >> this is exactly what we expect in late july/early august. not what we expect in january, that's for sure. >> not at all. a little tired with these late olympic nights? >> it's been tough doreen. we'll see you tonight at midnight. heat across th
, i'm chris gordon, news4. >>> the department an investigation for two training conferences in florida last year that cost taxpayers between $3 and $9 million, including training videos featuring an actor doing a parody of george c. scott in the film "patton." none of this would be worth the powder if it didn't benefit the veterans, but it does, and they know it. >> the film cost $52,000 to produce. other expenses include about $20,000 for v.a. branded promotional items that include pens, highlighters and hand sanitizer, the office of the inspector general is also investigating allegations that the event planners accepted improper gifts, including helicopter rides and spa treatments. members of congress are asking the v.a.'s secretary for additional information. >>> coming up, the most wonderful time of the year. liz crenshaw shows you which shows give you the most bang for your buck. >>> plus prince harry's new escapades have made international headlines, the pictures are all over the internet. why you won't find them in the british papers. british papers. >>> a driver hits a fire hyd
of this officer made for the citizens of prince george's county. live from the hospital, chris gordon, news 4. >>> two members of the gop are under fire today. the romney-ryan ticket distancing itself from a missouri congressman for his comments to a st. louis tv station. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> that's republican todd akin after he was asked if he supports abortion in the case of rape. after the interview, akin released a statement saying he his spoke and has since apologized. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest on this. steve? >> wendy, thanks. mitt romney wants to talk about medicare and jobs and the economy, not about rape and abortion. he's trailing in the national polls in the race for the white house in part because he is running behind with women voters. so romney and the republicans know this issue cannot help. >> the issue of abortion rights for the victims of rape exploding today. poses possible damage to the ryan #romney presidential campaign. with women voters. disproportionately weighed in. >>
bronc into a bank of america and authorities don't think it's the first time he's done it. chris gordon has the surveillance videos. >> reporter: right next door to the bank. this door front is vacant. a year ago may, and then again last friday, and the fbi says on both occasions, the bank found nothing was missing. >> well, he knew what he was doing, how to get in. he obviously didn't know how to take away. >> this bank surveilnce video captured the break-in, but the burglar remains at large. wearing a white protective suit, black mask and gloves to leave behind no fingerprints, no hair or dna, he stood a few feet from the back of the atm. >> anybody loitering in the front of the building, in the back, maybe trying to gain access through a common, you know, through that adjacent or adjoining property, anything that would indicate that somebody is casing the location. >> reporter: but when he showed the people the video, thecht everything looks suspicious. >> i've never seen a suit like that before, except maybe in outer space. >> reporter: he went through this planning, he's wearing th
. this incident happened tuesday at reagan national airport. that's where we find chris gordon live with the latest on this story. chris? >> reporter: the three planes were never on a collision course to hit head on according to transportation secretary ray lahood, traffic controllers had to redirect planes because of bad weather south of the airport. one u.s. airways commuter flight approaching from rosalind for a landing came close to the flight path of two commuter flights that had taken off heading toward rosalind. >> there was a loss of separation. it shouldn't have happened. but because of a well-trained controller, at dca tower who immediately recognized the situation and worked to fix it. >> george novak explains what happened. >> we had two aircraft that had taken off in this direction at the same time we had aircraft to land in a similar direction. and because of a miscommunication among the air traffic controller, these aircraft were essentially to be in the same place at the same time, but it was caught well before anything happened or a any -- a serious incident occurre
of 80 greatest players adding 10 people. most notably, the former offensive line coach. clinton gordon, who just retired this week. and the overall pick in the 2004 draft. and of course, chris samuels. to baseball, edmund jackson will take the mound tonight. he has the highest average in the rotation. not too shabby. it seems like philadelphia will need to take back its own part because washington has a 6.5 game lead over atlanta for first place. they have won 15 of their last 20. there have -- they have a five and four -- a 5-4 record. . the seven-time tour de france winner, lance armstrong was stripped of awards and banned from the sport for the life. he refused to answer the charges of using performance enhancing drugs. >> the number of former teammates, a number of its most trusted lieutenants gave detailed testimony. if it became public, it would be really hard for lance armstrong to looked america and the world in the eye and say he is clean. >> i do not know if he injured his back or his leg, but still did some work. tigers are five -- tighter shot 5 under par. -- tiger woods sh
the north carolina and virginia border. we will have the low humidity. down in the tropics, chris was telling you about tropical depression helene. it is moving down towards mexico. and up here is hurricane gordon. it poses no threat to united states. rather mild. to date 80 to 84. isolated storms possible but unlikely. with the future cast -- here are the numbers. here comes some cloudiness. for monday, it could be a wet commute. we are not sure what -- how much rain is going to fall. tonight, 58 to 64. t and 78o about 83. i have not seen anything like that all summer long. >> it sounds like it is time to go out come after you get done watching us. >> the personal collection belonging to a former white house staff member is going on at this play. >> he worked under richard nixon. but it is how he got the job at the white house that makes this exhibit special. >> on the shores of the potomac in st. mary's county, the island and museum is about to unveil a very unique collection to regret it was kind of like -- for a museum person, christmas. his father served as the white house c
the very first batter, alex gordon he takes tillman deep left for the home run instantly, royals. 1-0. that set the tone. they will wrap up the series at 1:35 p.m. this afternoon. >>> chris in the d.c. united and taking on sporting kansas city. corner kick for casey, and it is headed in to take a 1 goal lead. then in the 23rd minute, brings down the long ball get as fortunate bounce and punches it into the net, 1-1. dc got a goal 23rd minute wouldn't be enough kansas city wins 2-1. >>> third round of the pga championship under way in south carolina i think there may be a rain delay there now. lightning cut short play yesterday, the tournament is the final major of the year. >>> rory mcilroy tied for the lead, 6 under, solid day shooting 4 birdies first 7 holes yesterday. the coleader, vj singh. tiger rounds dropped from the top of the leader board to 1 under and 5 shots back. >> red skins gearing up for the next preseason game they head out on the road again to face the bears, coming off the 7-6 win. >> we all know about the debut of robert griffin the third but how about richard cr
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